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Step 60 – High Security Strike with Silent Function and Fire Compliance

The Step 60 is a new approach to the latch strike market. The main problem with the standard latch strike design is the impact of the latch on the lip of the electric strike. This impact generates a high noise level and a security concern as the latch can bounce and not pass into the secure mouth of the strike.

The Step 60 over comes these concerns with it's unique design. When the door is pulled open the mouth on the strike is pushed and held in the open position. When the door re-closes the latch makes contact with a low pressure plate that activates the mouth of the strike and closes over the latch when the door is shut.

Side Pressure Technology: The Step 60 operates with side pressure technology that makes it suitable for installation on fire exit routes and in conjunction with automatic door operators. The Step 60 will release with up to 2000Nm of side pressure and will withstand an attack force of up to 12000Nm.

Anti - Hammer Technology: The Step 60 also designed with the patented anti-hammer technology. This is a mechanism that prevents the solenoid from being bounced in an attack and opening the strike easily. This technology makes the Step 60 a superb choice for a high security environment.

Step 60 Datasheet.

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